Enzina Marrari is a visual and performance artist living and working in Anchorage, Alaska.

Artist Statement:
Enzina Marrari is a visual and performance artist whose work addresses themes of the social, personal and political elements of the human experience. Through her performance pieces and mixed media works, she pushes the boundaries of personal vs. social space, norms and behaviors. This results in a sense of exposure, vulnerability and investigation that is consistent throughout her work.

Marrari consistently works in the areas of sculpture, mixed media, drawing and works on paper and performance.

Marrari is also interested in merging fashion design and sculpture to create wearable art pieces. She incorporates painting, drawing, craft, fiber arts and sculpture into two and three dimensional forms. This provides a different avenue for Marrari to investigate the connections between process and outcome, person and object.

Enzina Marrari was born in Chicago, Il in 1980. She received her MA in Studio and Mixed Media Arts from New York University and her BA in Sculpture from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

She developed and is the current Art Director for the Art Gallery Program at the Middle Way Cafe. She is on the Board of Directors for the International Gallery of Contemporary Art where she is also a studio resident. Marrari is an Adjunct Instructor for the Women’s Studies Department and Department of Fine Arts at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Marrari is a recipient of a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award, The Alaska State Council on the Arts Career Opportunity Grant and a project grant from Radical Arts for Women. Marrari was awarded a residency through Proyecto Ace Artist Residency Program in 2011. She has received two Best In Show awards in the No Big Heads National Self Portrait Competition through the University of Alaska Anchorage and placed in Top 5 for four consecutive years in Anchorage's Object Runway; placing First in 2010, Fifth in 2011, Third and People's Choice in 2012 and fourth in 2014.

Marrari lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska.